SeaLife Kelp Meal Animal Supplements

SeaLife­™ Kelp Meal for animals is a feed supplement made from 100% wild-harvested seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) from the Maine coast. SeaLife™ is a sustainable and abundant source of minerals, vitamins, and unique compounds that promote livestock health and productivity. No other single-ingredient supplement brings as much to the table.

SeaLife™ is suited for year-round supplementation in a wide range of production settings.

High iodine content fosters health immune system function and boosts the iodine in milk and milk-based products. Abundant calcium and magnesium help balance crucial electrolytes, and reduces the risk of milk fever and grass tetany, especially in animals on lush fast-growing spring pasture. SeaLife™ is also rich in an assortment of vitamins, particularly vitamin A, which helps maintain animal health when on dried feed and roughage.

SeaLife™ is high in unique seaweed tannins and complex carbohydrates that set it apart from strictly mineral mixes. Seaweed tannins bind to proteins in feed and protect them from rapid degradation. This improves protein use efficiency, protects against frothy bloat, and reduces ruminal methane production. Finally, seaweed tannins and carbohydrates have been demonstrated to have antiparasitic properties, reducing worm burdens and shedding rates of pathogenic bacterial strains.

MOQ of 6 pallets/12,000lbs. Half and full truckload pricing available, call or email with your inquiry.

USDA Certified Organic

Our organic product carries a USDA Organic certification. We sustainably harvest from certified organic sectors off the Maine coast, and diligently process so there is no cross-contamination. There are no additives, just minimally processed seaweed.


Our all-natural product comes from the same cold, clean waters of the Maine coastline. If you don’t require organic certified product this is the product for you! There are no additives, just minimally processed seaweed.

Benefits of SeaLife™ Animal Supplement


  • Fosters a healthy immune system
  • Boosts iodine levels in milk, eggs, and meat

Calcium & Magnesium

  • Balances crucial electrolytes
  • Reduces the risk of nutritional disorders like milk fever and grass tetany

Assorted Vitamins

  • Helps maintain animal health
  • Balances a diet of dried feed & roughage

Tannins & Carbohydrates

  • Protects proteins from degrading, improving efficiency
  • Protects against frothy bloat
  • Reduces ruminal methane production
  • Antiparasitic properties
Livestock Feed

Feeding Rates

General rate: 1 to 2 percent of the feed ration or 40 to 50 pounds of SeaLife™ animal supplement to 1 ton of feed.

  • Dairy and Beef Cattle, Heifers: 2 – 4 oz. per day
  • Calves: 1 – 2 oz. per day
  • Range Cattle: free choice at two parts meal to one-part salt mix
  • Horses: : ¼ – ½ oz. per day
  • Sheep and Goats: ¼ – ½ oz. per day
  • Swine: Free choice or 50 lbs. to 2000 lbs. of complete ration
  • Chickens: 1% of total feed pre-mixed
  • Turkeys: 1 – 2% of total feed pre-mixed
  • Dogs: ¼ teaspoon per 25 lbs. body weight
  • Cats: 1 pinch (approx. 1/16 teaspoon) per day

*½ oz = 1 Rounded Tablespoon

United States Department of Agriculture
Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association

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