It all starts with fresh seaweed. Our harvesters gather wild rockweed, Ascophyllum nodosum, from natural beds found all along the Maine coast to make our seaweed products. Rockweed is a natural accumulator of the essential minerals in the cold rich waters of the Gulf of Maine. Also, diverse intertidal conditions stimulate rockweed to produce key vitamins and unique compounds that are beneficial to both plants and animals.

We are strategically located in Midcoast Maine, where we can receive and process seaweed fresh on the day of harvest. This lets us lock in the good stuff so our seaweed products have the highest concentrations of nutrients and beneficial compounds possible.

Our kelp meal products are renewable, minimally processed single-ingredient sources of vitamins and minerals for people, animals, and plants. We use a gentle drying process that doesn’t just preserve nutrients, but also preserves the color and mild savory flavor of the seaweed for a palatable nutritious supplement that is desirable to livestock and pets.

Our seaweed extracts are made from this same sustainably-harvested rockweed. Nutrients and potent biological compounds are extracted and concentrated to produce plant foods, fertilizers, and growth regulators. Our seaweed extracts are especially effective at managing plant stress, which is becoming an increasingly important and cost-effective way to maximize productivity and crop yield in both traditional and organic practices.

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