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North American Kelp was founded in 1971 by Robert Morse, a marine engineer who was one of the first members of Maine’s Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA). We harvest and process several types of kelp year-round with a regular crew of 20+ that swells to 35 during peak harvesting seasons.

We have been your trusted source for responsibly and sustainably harvested kelp products for 50 years. During that time we have never steered away from producing high quality meals, powders, and liquid fertilizers in the Midcoast region. All of our kelp is harvested in the cold, clean waters of Maine by local harvesters and processed immediately in our Waldoboro facility. The short time between harvest and processing means that our products will maintain their integrity and freshness for longer. No matter your needs we’re sure to have a product for you! Whether you’re looking for a nutritional supplement for livestock, a soil amendment to help with nutrient absorption, or a liquid fertilizer to use as a growth regulator, we have a product for every animal, plant, and soil need.

We are OMRI, MOFGA, and USDA certified with organic options. So if you have an organic farm we can help with that too!

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns. Our team is available to assist with inquiries and orders.

Memberships & Associations

Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners
Maine Seaweed Council
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United States Department of Agriculture
Organic Materials Review Institute
Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance

Organic Trade Association

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