SeaLife for Animals Reviews:

A friend of mine from Montana was visiting and we went for a tour of the coast. My friend wanted some seaweed from Maine. Since we were near North American Kelp we stopped by just to see if they had ‘people snacks’. Nope, their kelp is still advertised for animals. I bumped into the manager and I was waxing eloquently about how fabulous their product was for my animals. He said I could always share my story on their website. So this is what I told him. A while back I was running an organic beef cow/calf operation. My animals were grass fed and had free choice salt and North American kelp. They were very healthy animals. I was so delighted with the product that I told my dairy farmer friend about the kelp. I even gave him a bag to try it out. I did caution him that they might just devour it at first because they ‘needed it’ but that that they would slow right down when their nutritional needs were met . He couldn’t believe how fast that it disappeared when he first put it out for them. I reminded him that they would slow right down when they were balanced. He approached me a bit later and said their intake dropped down as predicted. He noticed enough change in his animals to start feeding the kelp to all his animals.

- Linda

I have a small farm with goats, chickens , cows and a few horses.

I feed North American Kelp meal to all my animals. They love it!

- Timothy

My goats love your brand and walk away from other brands. Fast service. Nice people.

- Cindy