Natural + Sustainable

We take the sustainability of our seaweed harvesting very seriously here at North American Kelp. We must be doing something right, because we’ve been harvesting since 1971! With specific and sustainable practices in place we know we’ll continue harvesting for many years to come. We’re actively involved in promoting safe and sustainable practices across the industry so our oceans will remain healthy for this, and future generations.

Here is what we believe sets us apart:
– We never harvest the entire plant. Think of our harvest process like giving the plant a haircut, we leave the root so it continues to grow all year.
– Only kelp leaves the ocean. The simple mechanical process only removes the plant, all other flora and fauna stay put.
– Our sectors are harvested on rotation. This helps avoid over-harvesting and ensures that the plants have enough time to regrow.
– We inspect annually. Each section is inspected at least once per year to confirm that there’s proper growth and the sector is healthy.

Want to learn more about our seaweed harvesting, and see the process? Take a look at our videos below!

Still have questions? Let us know! We love hearing from inquiring minds. You can also visit The Maine Seaweed Council for Maine coast specific seaweed harvesting information.

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