Seaweed Extracts

Kelp product packages on Maine coast


Kelp-It is made from the seaplant Ascophyllum nodosum, which is harvested from coastal Maine waters. Extensive research has determined that the seaweed’s diverse micronutrients and extractable compounds enhance crop growth, development, and yield. Kelp-It is formulated for commercial agriculture.

Kelp-It Concentrated Liquid Seaweed Extract 0-0-4

5 Gallons (2-2.5 gal. jugs): $225.00

5 Gallon Pail:

Kelp-It Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder 0-0-18

44 lb. Box: $440.00

50 lb. Bag: $500.00

Seacrop16 product on Maine coast


SeaCrop16 is a plant growth regulator derived from wild-harvested seaplants, and has been demonstrated to:

  • Improve seed germination and root development
  • Increase set and size of flowers and fruit
  • Improve abiotic and biotic stress resistance
  • Increase plant vigor
  • Increase nutrient use efficiency
  • Improve crop quality and increases marketable yield

5 Gallons (2-2.5 gal. jugs): $245.00

5 Gallon Pail:

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