How To Use Our Products

Recommended Programs for North American Kelp Products

Vegetable garden

We recommend the following programs for using our seaweed products on your garden, lawn, trees, and houseplants.

Note: Because of the wide range of growing conditions, soil fertility, moisture levels, etc. we limit our recommendations to cover only our own products. Normally, these seaweed products are used in addition to your other plant and soil care products.

The following basic programs are chosen as examples of how to use our products.

Average Mixed Vegetable Garden

  • Early Spring: Apply SEA LIFE Soil Conditioner -1 lb. per 100 sq. ft. mixed into topsoil.
  • Planting: Water in newly planted seeds or transplants with SEA CROP seaweed extract (4 teaspoons per gallon of water).
  • Mid-Season: Spray plants foliage every 2 to 4 weeks during their growing season. Use SEA CROP during early growth and SEA MIX during fruiting or crop formation when your plants need additional major nutrients.
  • Pre-Harvest: Spray SEA CROP a week to 10 days before harvest to promote improved storage and shelf life.
  • Post-Harvest: Apply 1 pound of SEA LIFE per 100 sq. ft. Mix it into the topsoil when possible.

Flower Gardens, Shrubs, Flowering Bushes

  • Early Spring: Apply 1 lb. of SEA LIFE per 100 sq. ft. Mix into the topsoil where possible.
  • Planting Water: in seeds or transplants with SEA CROP.
  • Mid-Season: Spray SEA CROP every 2 to 4 weeks during growing season. Best results are achieved when SEA CROP is applied at first signs of budding and when flower is first opening. Substitute SEA MIX during flowering stage. Flowers to be cut may have SEA CROP applied a day or two before cutting. This helps flowers keep longer.


  • Early Spring: Broadcast 10 Ibs. of SEA LIFE per 1000 sq. ft. to improve soil texture. Spray SEA CROP at the first signs of greening.
  • Mid-Season: Apply SEA CROP every 2 to 4 weeks to promote a strong stress resistant root system. If lawn is dormant due to dryness stress, delay application until some moisture is present.
  • Fall Broadcast: 10 Ibs. of SEA LIFE per 1000 sq. ft.

Note: Both SEA LIFE and SEA CROP promote thatch breakdown and formation of humus.


  • Mix 1 tablespoon SEA LIFE Soil Conditioner into the soil per 6″ pot when planting or repotting. Spray or water with SEA CROP every 3 weeks to promote flowering and color intensity. SEA CROP is used in conjunction with additional fertilization. SEA MIX may be used as a major nutrient source. Note that there is slight fish odor immediately following application of SEA MIX. There is no odor following use of SEA LIFE Kelp Meal or SEA CROP liquid extract.

Ornamental and Fruit Trees

  • Early Spring: Apply 1 lb. SEA LIFE per inch of trunk diameter. (See label instructions.) Spray SEA CROP at first signs of spring growth. This application accelerates spring growth.
  • Mid-Season: Apply SEA CROP or SEA MIX during budding and when fruit starts to form. SEA MIX is recommended where soil fertility may be low and during fruit formation.
  • Pre-Harvest: Spray SEA CROP one to two weeks before harvest.

Note: Mid and late summer applications of SEA CROP help determine growth patterns for the following year. Lateral growth and budding decisions are made this year for next year’s growth. SEA CROP increases both lateral growth and bud count.

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