North American Kelp's Links
to Related Resources

  • The Maine Seaweed Council
    A coalition of seaweed industry representatives, seaweed farmers, researchers, educators, and government officials dedicated to the health of the Maine seaweed resource.
  • Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, Inc.
    Sells a variety of seavegetables: Alaria, kelp, dulse, laver, sea seasonings and sea chips.
  • State of Maine
    Information source on State government agencies, and business/economic development.
  • Maine Department of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Resources
    The State's lead agency dealing with all aspects of the food system, from the farm to the final consumer.
  • Maine Seaweed Company
    Sells a variety of edible seaweeds: kelp/laminaria longicruris, alaria esculenta, laminaria digitata kelp, dulse/palmaria palmata, and nori/porphyra umbilicalis.

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